Private Plane Charters

PrivateCharterChartering a private plane grants an appreciation for a whole new level of sophistication. Skipping the typical security checks of a major airport and enjoying an entire cabin for one’s self or for a small group certainly will redefine luxury and gratification for airline travel.

Often it is assumed that this experience is so opulent that it must be too expensive to be reasonable. However, Full Service Concierge is glad to prove those assumptions wrong. We are able to provide significantly discounted prices for a chartered private plane because we connect with the owners of these planes directly instead of relying on an additional contact to arrange charters.

Catching the Playoffs

SanAntonioFlight“The Rockets were out of the playoffs, but we still wanted to enjoy some live playoff basketball. We called Marcus at Full Service Concierge and asked if we could get a private plane to take us to San Antonio to see the Spurs play. Within the hour Marcus found a charter plane for eight.

It picked us up at Sugar Land Airport in Houston at 6:30 p.m., arrived in San Antonio in time for tip off, and got us back home before midnight. The best part, it was cheaper to charter a private plane for eight than to fly a major airline last minute. I definitely would use this service again. Thanks Marcus!”

Steve 0. – Houston, Texas

Heading to the Bahamas

“We had never flown a private charter before, and did not know where to begin. Through word of mouth I heard about Full Service Concierge, so I decided to contact them in hopes they could connect me with a flight from Miami to the Bahamas.

I expected to be connected to a middle man and to pay a hefty price. I was wrong on both accounts. They put in contact directly with the owner and operator of a private plane and we were able to fly for significantly less than I thought possible. It was an incredible experience and one I will do again.”

Mike S. – Miami, Florida