Emergency Courier Service

DeliveryOftentimes, in business, time is of the essence. This is especially the case when, no matter how carefully you have planned, an emergency has arisen that requires a part or document travel half way around the country or the world.

In these moments a more personal touch is needed than relying on UPS or Fedex. Even when purchasing their quickest services, your important package is subject to stops in multiple distribution centers and is constantly changing hands. This is when Full Service Concierge can and will step in and get the part or document to its intended destination.

We are able to do so because we treat your cargo as our only cargo and we will deliver it directly to its destination. There are no large warehouses between your place of business and its final destination causing delay. We are your personal courier and we will ensure that your emergency is over as quickly as possible.

Industrial Courier

A leading global oilfield services company needed a part urgently after the cooling system failed on an offshore rig they operated north of Taiwan. Without an operational cooling system, the rig could not run and each day the rig did not run would result in a substantial financial loss. First they contacted FedEx, but the company could not guarantee delivery in at least five days. The company’s procedures, meant to ship a large number of items simultaneously, meant there would be a number of stop overs that would cause delay.

Instead, a representative of Full Service Concierge was able to personally pick up the part at its location at a warehouse in the United States and take it directly to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. It was a truly personal, industrial courier service that the company needed to minimize the financial impact and we delivered, getting the part to its intended location in 36 hours.

Personal Logistics

The world of information technology is often able to complete tasks and mitigate emergencies remotely. However, sometimes even an industry meant to maintain a virtual presence needs help in the physical world, especially when people expect an absolute minimum downtime. So, when an IT company needed to replace a server in Johnannesburg, we were able to provide assistance.

A representative picked up a preloaded server and quickly delivered it to its destination, thanks to our flexible, personal logistics. Our delivery services substantially reduced the downtime and aided the company in its own professional promise to deliver the best service.