Discount Hotel Rooms

HotelWhether traveling for business or for enjoyment, the hotel room is a temporary home that establishes the mood and tone for a trip. This is why it is so important to find a five-star experience whenever possible. Fortunately, such a hotel does not need to come at a five-star cost.

Full Service Concierge specializes in finding those accommodations one has come to expect, not simply desire, at a reduced price. So please allow us to find the very best options for you when planning your business trip or vacation.

An Aspen New Year’s Eve

“This past New Year’s Eve we made last second plans to visit friends in Aspen. A popular resort town, you can imagine the trouble we had finding accommodations. If a resort or hotel did have a room available, it would cost thousands. Even the popular discount sites were of no help.

We almost paid the astronomical charge, but decided to contact Full Service Concierge to see what they could do. They were able to find a room for $1,250 a night that was listed at $3,000 a night on the hotel’s website. We jumped on the deal and had a terrific time!”

Melissa A. – Houston, Texas