Discount Airline Tickets

Last Minute Travel and First & Business Class International Travel

Attempting to purchase airline tickets mere days from the flight date is a financially painful process for all flyers. This is especially so for those needing to find travel options at the last minute who are not sure when they will need a return flight or those who have developed a taste for class or business class internationally.

But who can blame those who have become accustomed to flying first class and business class? That experience is one of the most luxurious experiences in the sky. Leg room is ample, complimentary drinks and gourmet meals are superb and the pre-flight experience is significantly less stressful and much more enjoyable.

Naturally, these last minute purchases come at an exorbitant fee if you book through the airline. Even those major discount airline ticket sites that are perfect for booking round-trip flights four months out only have options with particularly steep charges. However, this is not the reality for those who have discovered Full Service Concierge. We are the only true option when searching for last-minute, one-way first-class and business class international flights.

Full Service Concierge is able to procure airline tickets that cater to these amenities and experiences, but a price point below the normal first-class and business class premiums. Below, we have provided examples of our prices for international and last minute, one-way domestic flights.


  • Los Angeles to London: As low as $3,795 (Business Class)
  • NYC to Sydney: As low as $4,495 (Business Class)
  • Chicago to Mumbai: As low as $3,995 (Business Class)
  • Houston to Dubai: As low as $3,795 (Business Class)
  • Houston to Lagos: As low as $3,795 (Business Class)

Domestic (One-way)

  • Houston to New York: $350 (Coach) | $550 (Business)
  • Los Angeles to New York: $350 (Coach) | $550 (Business)
  • Boston to Las Vegas: $350 (Coach) | $550 (Business)

Last Minute Business in Malta

“I had to coordinate travel for five for a meeting at the last minute. Normally, this would not have been an issue, but in this instance the five were spread across the United States and the meeting was in Malta, Spain.

I scoured a number of travel sites, but each one had prices that were, frankly, unreasonable. These round-trip business class flights ranged from $9,500 to $13,000. I was convinced there had to be a better option…and I was right.

Full Service Concierge found me the tickets I needed for each passenger at almost 50 percent the cost of the major discount travels sites. They even made changes to the tickets at no addition charge when our plans unexpectedly changed and we needed another day. Now, Full Service Concierge is the only service we will be using to meet or travel needs.”

Robert C. – Dallas, Texas

Once in a Lifetime Trip

“When one plans a once in a lifetime trip one comes to expect a bit of a sticker shock. This was certainly the case for my wife and mines trip to South Africa to go on a safari. There was no way we were going to sit uncomfortably in coach for 20 hours, but the business class tickets online were simply astronomical, nearly $13,000 each.

Luckily we discovered Full Service Concierge and were able to book the exact same flight at 40 percent of the best price that I had found on my own. Thank you Full Service Concierge! With you we would not nearly have enjoyed our trip as much as we did.”

Shaun D. – Houston, Texas