Backstage Passes and Meet & Greets

Our services do not end at the first row. Full Service Concierge is able to obtain backstage passes and make meet and greets possible for those concert goers who are much more than merely fans.

Enjoy the concert as an incredible show from the first row and then experience a personal moment, meeting artists such as Taylor Swift, Bono, Lars and the guys and Lady Gaga. These meetings can rank among the most memorable moments of a person’s life, and we are happy to facilitate those special encounters.

Surpassing Even the Greatest Expectations

My teenage daughter is a huge fan of Taylor Swift. She turns the volume up in the car whenever a Swift song comes on the radio and is always listening to her albums on her iPod.

So, when Taylor Swift came through town on another major tour I thought a perfect surprise would be backstage passes. The thought was certainly nice, but finding backstage tickets proved to be nearly impossible.

Luckily, I found out about Full Service Concierge and contacted them. I did not expect much, but they shattered what would have been even the greatest expectations. They were able to find two backstage passes for an unbelievably affordable price. My daughter and her best friend were able to attend the concert and I was a hero!

Mandy N. – Houston, Texas